• Traditional Counseling

    Traditional Counseling

    We provide counseling services for all types of issues including depression, grief, relationships, anxiety management, parenting issues, and dependency issues. No one is excluded, we are trained to see children, adolescents and adults. Call us for our self-pay rates. We accept most insurances.

    While coaching may evoke clients to change, therapy focuses more on underlying mental health issues and understanding why that change is necessary. Therapy typically involves past understanding of issues and focuses on evidence-based assessments, interventions, and treatments to address those issues.

    Therapy is most appropriately conducted by a licensed mental health professional. Because licensed mental health professionals have a set of rules and regulations to follow and are governed by a larger board (usually in their state),therapy follows a set of rules and regulations as well.

    Achor provides counseling, training, play therapy, workshops, mediation, and Christian counseling. Achor clinicians offer pre-marital, marital, relationship, trauma, and career counseling. We offer services for those struggling with Addiction, Victims of domestic violence, Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and Grief.

    Our therapeutic approach encourages individuals to increase awareness of patterns of thinking, emotions, and behaviors that no longer serve them positively. Our process is always open, highly interactive, and positive. We will provide you with feedback, pose challenges, and make observations which you are encouraged to constructively analyze, reject, or discuss in greater detail.